About Us


Hello! My name is Kyle and I am a mom, educator, and life-long learning enthusiast who loves the pursuit of knowledge and non-traditional education methods. I have a passion for Montessori, Waldorf, and Unschooling educational methods that builds self-confidence, strength, and growth mindsets in children.

I live in Tennessee with my husband, three children, and three dogs so our days are never "boring!"

I founded Montessori for Learning in 2009 to share my passion for Montessori-inspired lessons and activities. Due to having to step back a few years to become a care-taker for my mother, I accidentally let my domain registration lapse, so I am now Insightful Brain :)

The name is actually more descriptive of my thoughts about learning methods (and about life in general) --- you learn as much as you can about a variety of things and pick the parts that work best with you, your children, family, and life!

I hope you enjoy my creations, and I always welcome feedback and suggestions to ensure my resources are the best they can be!