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Montessori for Learning by Insightful Brain

Polygon Scavenger Hunt

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Got cabin fever? Go on a shape and sight word scavenger hunt with this FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Free download- Shape and Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

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Directions on how to use this activity:

Cut out playing board. Make as many copies as needed. You can play as a team, or as individuals.

o play the game, look around your environment and find the shapes on the playing board. You can play coverall, 3-in-a-row, 4 corners, X-cover (cover middle square and 4 corners) or, create your own rules. Have fun!

*This can be played in a home, mall, outside, park, school, etc. It is okay that all children have the same copy of the board as they will be all hunting around for the shapes.




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